This is me...

Software engineer, Linux user, bookworm, and programming enthusiast. I have been voiding warranties since age 9 and writing my own software since age 11, and I’m not about to stop anytime soon.

I’m deeply fascinated by hard problems of all kinds, from large-scale distributed systems to highly constrained embedded and real-time systems. I care about open source software, distributed systems, censorship resistance, build system reproducibility, cybersecurity, and safe systems programming.

I develop largely in Rust and TypeScript these days and manage my own infrastructure using Kubernetes, Docker, Google Cloud Platform, and ArgoCD.

I have experience with C, C++ (98 and modern), C#, HTML/CSS/JS, Java, Nix, Processing, SQL, VBA (Microsoft Access), Visual Basic, and ladder logic.

I regulate my body temperature by pumping liquid coolant though my veins, and my eyes directly take 24-pin DVI from my video card.

If all that sounds interesting to you, take a look at my portfolio and résumé. You can also find me on any of the services below. I’m usually down for a cup of coffee! ☕