Below is a sampling of some interesting things I’ve built over the years; at least, those that I’m permitted to publicly discuss. 🛠️

tower-lsp (2019–Present)

Convenient framework for writing Language Server Protocol (LSP) servers.

  • Technologies used: Rust

cargo2nix (2019–Present)

Wrapper for Cargo crates to be built with the binary reproducible Nix build system. Originally written at TenX and released under the MIT License.

  • Technologies used: Nix, Rust

renderdoc-rs (2017-Present)

Strongly-typed Rust API bindings to the RenderDoc real-time graphics debugger.

  • Technologies used: Rust, C

PushBuddy (2016)

Universal file syncing client for multiple cloud services. Currently works with Dropbox, expandable to many others. Written as part of team for VTHacks III; won 2nd place out of 54.

  • Technologies used: Java

Amethyst (2015-2018)

A modular, data-driven, and highly parallel game engine. Actively maintained by a thriving community on GitHub.

  • Technologies used: originally C++14, later Rust

Network Documentation Database (2015)

Shared SQL database with graphical frontend for network documentation purposes, created for Kajeet, Inc. Records and manages hardware inventory, application services, known IPs, domain names, load balancer configs, and VPN details.

  • Technologies used: SQL, Access (JET), VBA

GlaDOS (2011)

Interactive chatbot and desktop personal assistant designed after the eponymous fictional villain.

µShell (2010-2011)

Themeable shell replacement for Windows Vista/7. Includes a virtual desktops implementation. Inspired by the original Cairo Shell concept art and GNOME 2.

  • Technologies used: C#, SQL, WPF

For more personal projects of mine, feel free to check my GitHub profile.