Below is a sampling of some interesting things I’ve built. 🔨 These are projects that I am permitted to publicly discuss.

Open Source Libraries

  • Amethyst (2015-2018)
    • A modular, data-driven, and highly parallel game engine. Project maintained by a 401(c)(3) non-profit organization and thriving community on GitHub.
    • Technologies used: originally C++14, later Rust
  • renderdoc-rs (2017-Present)
    • Strongly-typed Rust API bindings to the RenderDoc real-time graphics debugger.
    • Technologies used: Rust, C
  • cargo2nix (2019–Present)
    • Wrapper for Cargo crates to be built with the binary reproducible Nix build system. Originally written at TenX and released later as open source.
    • Technologies used: Nix, Rust

Commercial Applications

  • Network Documentation Database (2015)
    • Shared SQL database with graphical frontend for IT documentation purposes, created for Kajeet, Inc. Tracks hardware inventory, application services, known IPs, domain names, load balancer configs, and VPN details.
    • Technologies used: SQL, Microsoft Access, VBA

Projects for Competitions

  • PushBuddy (2016)
    • Universal file syncing client for multiple cloud services. Works out of the box with Dropbox, expandable to many others. Written as part of team for VTHacks III; won 2nd place out of 54.
    • Technologies used: Java

Toy Applications

For more personal projects of mine, feel free to check my GitHub profile.